Technical Knowledge

LEXtech's technical expertise with PowerPoint presentations (fixing and converting for the web), IT consulting, software applications, game design, database development, e-learning, multi-media design and animation enables us to provide our clients with the appropriate solution to fulfill their needs.

Following is a list of some of the projects that we have completed, and the technologies used within those projects. This should demonstrate how various technologies are combined to achieve a solution to a client problem or need. To the right is a basic list of technical experience.



  • MS Visual Studio .Net
  • MS VBA
  • VB / VB.Net
  • Perl / php / asp / asp.Net
  • Java
  • C/C++ /C#
  • SQL

Database Development Systems

  • MS SQL Server
  • mySQL
  • MS Access
  • Oracle
  • Paradox
  • LMS (various proprietary systems)

Operating Systems

  • Windows (XP/2000/NT/9X/ME/CE)
  • Macintosh OS
  • MS-DOS
  • UNIX

Web Development/

  • Active Server Pages
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Flash / Actionscript
  • CGI
  • Java Applets
  • Homesite ACEhtml
  • Dreamweaver
  • Dynamic HTML
  • JavaScript

Graphic Design/
Animation/ Sound

  • 3ds Max 5
  • Animation Master
  • Sound Forge 6
  • After Effects 5.1
  • Premiere 5/6
  • Media 100
  • Maya 4
  • Sadie
  • (PVR) Perception Video Recorder
  • Pagemaker 6.5/7
  • Photoshop 3-CS
  • Image Ready 3-CS
  • Illustrator 7-CS
  • XNA

Completed for: FatKat Animation

Technologies: Flash 8, ImageGlue, PHP, mySQL

Complete a small entertainment game for my client's client allowing users to import and edit photos to insert into a song and dance animation.

Conversion To Web

Completed for: Comprehendex

Technologies: Flash 8, Articulate, Sound Forge, PowerPoint.

The client's PowerPoint presentation was converted into flash for delivery using web technologies.


Completed for:

Technologies: Flash MX, SWISH, Sound Forge, PowerPoint.

Client requested flash mock demos with sound and dynamic text as well as PowerPoint layout and design for a presentation project. As well as a reusable template. Included an animated intro.


Completed for:
JOT Inc. for
BELL Canada

Technologies: Flash MX, XHTML, JavaScript, SWISH, Sound Forge, Ulead, SCORM.

Client requested development of existing course material into a SCORM compliant e-learning module in both French and English. This required a full development cycle.


Completed for:
The Workers Investment Fund Inc.

Technologies: MS Access 2000, MS Excel, Visual Basic 6, Crystal Reports

Client requested changes to existing methodologies to track and store information on client activities and enable extraction of usefull data from the information.


Data Driven Web

Completed for: Miami Conservancy

Technologies: SQL Server 2000, MS Excel, MS Access, ASP, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Client wanted a utility for field agents to upload information to an online database and for users to be able to use the base in real-time to pull down the information in different formats.