The Management Team


Heather Fowler
- 2D and 3D Animator and New Media Designer. Enhanced Level Security



Brian McGee
- Project Manager, Programmer, and Facilitator. Confidential Level Security

All About Us

The management team of LEXtech has years of experience in the IT industry as employees, contractors and business owners. The list of skills and experience include:

24 years - Graphic Design
15 years - Computer Programming
14 years - Database Development
12 years - Presentation Design
12 years - Multi-Media Design
11 years - Teaching / Facilitation
9 years - Web-based Development
8 years - Instructional Design
7 years - Audio Recording/Editing
7 years - Animation

* Experience is based on the longest period of time any one individual in LEXtech has been working within a field. The years of experience form multiple individuals are not added together.



Despite the long list of varied skills, LEXtech has shifted its main focus to four main areas: Presentation expertise, conversion of PowerPoint into web presentations, web-based applications, and data driven applications.

LEXtech specializes in the transformation of traditional multilingual media into electronic and web based deliverables

Do you have facilitated course materials you would like to see web delivered but can not manage the expensive development time? Our unique conversion process can reduce development time yet still deliver a professional product.

Let us see what we can do for your business!