PowerPoint to Web Conversion

Combining specialized presentation expertise, software, and developer skills LEXtech has created a unique affordable process for improving your presentations and converting them into web format.

Game Development

Our skills have expanded into the game world: games for entertainment, strategic development, and educational purposes

Why should you put your presentations into a web format?

Business Case

Technical Case

Example - Sample created for Samgo Innovations, resulting in 15% higher sales for over a year.

LEXtech offers several services which can provide our clients with the appropriate solution to fulfill their needs including:

  • Convert PowerPoint to Web Presentations
  • Presentation Expertise
  • Data-Driven Applications
  • Web-Based Applications
  • Game Development

Our team is dedicated to providing client with the solution to their needs. We are a team of experienced professionals and we understand the need for reliable, tech supported, and efficient services.

View our Client Samples to see the kind of work LEXtech has done.

Presentation Expertise
Our work in presentations stems from years of creating and delivering presentations plus our experience and training in graphic design and commuications. We can fix and enhance your presentations for a better look and enhanced effectiveness.

Application Development
Web and data-driven application development covers a large area that includes e-learning, charting applications, financial software, call centre tracking, remote administration, productivity tracking, and data upload/download/conversion. We can help analyze your needs and tailor the kind of application that solves your business problems.